fall retreat.

2 weeks ago, we hosted the annual fall retreat. all those people in that picture (^) were there and it was awesome! (im in the second to last row alllllll the way to your left) We were at a great campground for 2 nights where we hung out, zip lined (ok i didn’t but practically everyone else did), and learned all sorts of new things about Jesus.

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student testimonies.

here’s a video of 2 DCF students sharing about what’s going on -spiritually- at UC Davis. prettttty cool.

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“that missing link to college has finally been found.”

“I’m not saying being a part of Chi Alpha makes you better than anyone else. Chi Alpha exposes you to so much more than anyone could imagine.”

“Chi Alpha is about surrounding yourself with other people that will always encourage you and make you feel welcome and loved. Be a part of a d-group. The possibilities are endless. Chi Alpha even hosted a costume party a couple of weeks ago, and I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun.”

“Chi Alpha has made me feel like I belong somewhere. That missing link to college has finally been found.”

Sarah Burnett, a senior at the University of Central Arkansas, writes about her experience in getting involved with Chi Alpha as a senior for The Echo. Read the entire article, “Chi Alpha Gives Meaning to College Life,” >>HERE<<.

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“I was like ‘no way, I have morals.'”

this is a sad sad sad story that has gone viral on the interwebs.

According to an article in the Phoenix New Times, an ASU freshman made a viral internet video of her audition to be in a pornographic video.

why was she auditioning? to pay tution.

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i really really really like thursdays

every thursday at noon, i go to woodland community college where a Chi Alpha is just beginning. woodland is the town i live in and it’s about 7 mi from UC Davis.

about 15 students come every week for a Bible study. we just got approved as a real club but before that we met underneath a tree in the middle of campus.

i liked the tree.

I think my favorite thing about this group though (besides the fact that they are super fun) is that it reminds me A LOT of my small group when I was a freshman at ASU. the people in that group became some of my best friends- half of them are married….some to each other. it was in that small group that was foundational to how I follow Jesus today & I’m excited to see similar things happen in this group.

would you take a minute to pray for woodland community college? because people are usually only there for 2 years max, we have a short window to bond & build community with one another.

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christian hipster.

i consider my self pretty ummm up on trends?

(did that statement automatically discount itself?)

and i came across this quiz on Hipster Christianity- and apparently I’m not very “hip.” lol.

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rap battle.

to warm up the crowd for our comedy show, we had a little free style rap battle.

here’s a little sample of my fellow intern Marc spitting a few rhymes.

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