“I was like ‘no way, I have morals.'”

this is a sad sad sad story that has gone viral on the interwebs.

According to an article in the Phoenix New Times, an ASU freshman made a viral internet video of her audition to be in a pornographic video.

why was she auditioning? to pay tution.

Here’s  the article from the New Times:

The girl to the left is 18-year-old Elizabeth Hawkenson. She’s an ASU freshman from Copperas Cove, Texas, studying geology at ASU’s Tempe campus. She’s attending school on a $33,000 academic scholarship. She was also featured in a “reality porn” video, currently making the rounds on the Internet, in which she proudly displays her ASU student ID card.
Hawkenson appeared in a video for the porn Web site Backroom Casting Couch. If you’re unfamiliar with the site, here’s how it claims things work: a guy puts out an ad for adult models. Chicks respond thinking it’s only going to be some nude photos, but the guy holding the audition gradually talks the girls into having sex with him. He tells them he can make them a porn star, who earns $5,000 a day.

The guy isn’t a casting director, and there is no job. The audition supposedly is a hoax just to get the girls to have sex with the guy on a couch in a sleazy Scottsdale office.

It’s portrayed as though the girls have no idea what they’re getting themselves into, which, we were heartbroken to find out, is [nonsense].

“The whole thing is scripted,” Hawkenson tells New Times. “I knew going in there it was for sex. I knew what I was doing — I knew I was getting paid.”

There are rumors floating around the Internet that because of the film Hawkenson lost her academic scholarship to attend ASU. There was even a letter circulating from an “anonymous ASU alumnus” asking the Arizona Board of Regents to revoke her scholarship.

The Board of Regents says it never received the letter, and Hawkenson says the scholarship hasn’t been revoked. She’s still attending ASU and living in a dorm.

She says the publicity she’s gotten from the video has “been treacherous for [her].”

She says she found her way to the “casting couch” after she was short on tuition. She’s from out of state, so her tuition is about $30,000 a year. Her scholarship is spread out over four years.

She says she did some fully clothed modeling for Mayflower Models and agents repeatedly asked her to appear in porn.

“I was like ‘no way, I have morals,'” she says.

With the tuition deadline approaching, Hawkenson took them up on the offer.

She says she was paid $2,000 and assured the video would only appear on the part of the Web site people had to pay to see.

That didn’t happen.

The video found it’s way to free porn sites.”

Here’s the link to the article to avoid plagerism…but..uh I wouldn’t go there if I were you. There’s a link to the video she’s in...sooo yeah.

This girl is a real ASU student- you can see her ID in the picture. A girl who knows deep down what she was doing was wrong…but made a bad choice. One that she admits has been “trecherous.”

I think a lot of students go into college with “morals” & a basic knowlege of right & wrong. The problem is, the campus environment is not exactly nurturing to these ideals. Add to the mix the fact that mom & dad are at home and it’s a recipe for disaster. The fact that this opportunity for money was even available to this girl shows that temptation is around every corner. Maybe it’s not as serious as pornographic acting- maybe it’s partying or drugs or lying or over studying or apathy. Either way- it’s clear our campuses need a “moral makeover.”

The good thing is- there is always hope! For Elizabeth and for the campus. Our hope is that Jesus would invade the campus && send people to pray && send people to work on the campus. How can this happen? 2 things

1- we pray our butts off.

2- we work our butts off.

So…let’s do it!


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