christian hipster.

i consider my self pretty ummm up on trends?

(did that statement automatically discount itself?)

and i came across this quiz on Hipster Christianity- and apparently I’m not very “hip.” lol.

I do think it’s interesting even within churches we want to create a “cool group” who wears “cool clothes” and has “edgy Bibles.” It’s just natural that people want to organize people into groups in social situations- right? My first thought upon entering Chi Alpha was, “Ok Gotta figure out who the ‘cool’ people are here because they won’t want to be friends with me. Better find some slightly less cool people- they are safer.” Thankfully, Jesus gives a mind shifting example. He hung out with Kings & prostitutes, poor people & tax collectors.

I think I want to be like Jesus- widely relateable to all sort of people, inclusive of everyone, and to have a finely tuned radar for the marginalized. That’s what got me into Jesus in the first place. Jesus-followers in my life cared about me even though I was sarcastic with a mean streak, had a random chunk of my hair bleached, and was NOT cool.

OH and ps: you should probably take the quiz and let me not feel so un-hip all by myself. 🙂

take the quiz by clicking <HERE>


About Katie Cannon

An AZ lifestyle blogger who loves good food, good service, and good people.
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2 Responses to christian hipster.

  1. Mom says:

    Katie…seriously…I got a 61…not bad, huh? But I guessed on most of them because I had no idea. Tell me you picked Kirk Cameron with a banana?????That answer was soooooo you. I laughed when I read it. Also, what did you put for the parent question. None of the answers was the right one. love from your mom

  2. Mom says:

    Also…mom part II…you were always cool. Despite what you always try to tell people, you were always cool.

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