fall retreat.

2 weeks ago, we hosted the annual fall retreat. all those people in that picture (^) were there and it was awesome! (im in the second to last row alllllll the way to your left) We were at a great campground for 2 nights where we hung out, zip lined (ok i didn’t but practically everyone else did), and learned all sorts of new things about Jesus.

the best part about these kind of weekends in chi alpha is that they don’t end when you leave! these are the people you live in dorms with, eat with, and see all the time! i frequently say that chi alpha is just like camp! the relationships that start during this weekend go for the long haul. it was, in fact, at a fall retreat that i decided to do xa!

friday night we had a time of worship&& the interns shared about our fall retreat experiences. chris shared from 2 kings 5- the story of naaman. basically, naaman was an unstanding guy but he had lepracy. he heard that people in israel were getting healed so he went to go ask the prohpet elisha what to do. when elisha told him he had to dip him self in the disgusting jordan river 5x…..naaman was like, “umm yeah right! there are like tons of other awesome rivers!” and elisha was like “sorry charlie! im just telling you what God said!” so finally naaman does it & gets healed. chris talked about how some times, in order to get healing God wants you to take a step. and you might have to do something uncomfortable- but it will be worth it.

saturday we learned about how to spend time with Jesus…some people call it quiet times. Michelle, who’s on staff with DCF, did an awesome job of teaching & then sent every one out into the woods to practice.

saturday night, char blair, founder of unspoken ministries, shared about bitterness && letting go of our bitterness. this was definitely the “cry” night. it was awesome to see students releasing bitterness that they had been tangled up in.

we also recorded a new “dcf anthem”- a rap song about dcf. 🙂




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