what a week!

This week we invited 5,000 students via flyers to attend our events. 400 of those people gave us their contact info and even more showed up- what a week!

I want to write about everything we did- it all went SO great- but I think you’ll get a good snapshot of the week with the story of our Friday Night Lights party. To start….I attended the party dressed as a cow……

This was the schedule for most of the days last week

10:30am get to campus

11:00am-4:30pm set up contact table in the middle of campus&hand out flyers

5pm-??? PARTY!

Yes it was crazy…but the craziest was Friday. I had planned to go thrift store shopping with a few girls on friday to get cray-zay 80s outfits for the party we were having that evening. It was going to be a black light party & so we wanted to rock neon & glow!

Well- what to my wondering eyes did appear hanging high on the wall of that shop?!

A cow suit! A glorious black and WHITE cow suit. Oh how I would glow in the black light! The other girls took some time & picked out outfits but mine was decided in the first minute.

I headed back to campus so we could do a quick flyering before the party. A HUGE event was going on on campus called The Buzz- thousands of students had invaded the quad. I went to campus…armed with flyers and dressed as a cow. Davis is a big farming community and they are a big fan of cows (ya know the “happy cows come from california” ad? yeah that’s UCD’s backyard).

I didn’t even have to hand the flyers out- people flocked to me! They wanted pictures and they wanted to know where I was partying that night. I directed them to the DCF house- and OH was there a party waiting there!

The walls of the house had been covered in black tarps and several black lights were hung u. There was white food that glowed & highlighers for people to give themselves glowing tattoos! There were tons of glowsticks, too! Outside there was a firepit with smores supplies waiting!

We started the music….and things got crazy. You see one of the frats on campus just happened to be throwing a white party on campus 2 houses down from our house. About a block in the other direction was another huge party going on- we were smack dab in the middle. As people were going from one party to the next- they would stop and check our house out! “Where’s the beer at?” was a question I had to answer a time or two…. “Well we have lots of lemonade! Fill your red cup up with that!” There were drunk kids, kids on drugs, Bible study leaders, frat boys, new freshmen, Christians- all under our roof dancing their hearts out to Gospel music.


It was amazing- I was rapping Will Smith, 2 breakdancers preformed, people were getting to know one and other around the fire.

The cops even showed up. “Is there alcohol being served at this party?” they asked.  “No way Jose!” Someone had told them that we had six kegs……ummm random.

Now you might be thinking: Partying? For Jesus? Could that really work? All night people could not believe that the Christians were having the most fun at their party- with not a drop of alcohol in sight. We even had a student come to the house the next morning and thank us for being nicer than the frat guys down the street.

This was just one of the events we held last week to connect with students. We’re invading the culture here at Davis Christian Fellowship. We’re bringing the church to the streets. And I’m excited to see how we’re launched from here.


About Katie Cannon

An AZ lifestyle blogger who loves good food, good service, and good people.
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One Response to what a week!

  1. Helen Fenzan says:

    Hi, Katie!
    Wonderful hearing the latest in your life in California. Sounds like a barrel of good, clean fun. Keep up the good work. My love always, Grandma

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