i really really really like thursdays

every thursday at noon, i go to woodland community college where a Chi Alpha is just beginning. woodland is the town i live in and it’s about 7 mi from UC Davis.

about 15 students come every week for a Bible study. we just got approved as a real club but before that we met underneath a tree in the middle of campus.

i liked the tree.

I think my favorite thing about this group though (besides the fact that they are super fun) is that it reminds me A LOT of my small group when I was a freshman at ASU. the people in that group became some of my best friends- half of them are married….some to each other. it was in that small group that was foundational to how I follow Jesus today & I’m excited to see similar things happen in this group.

would you take a minute to pray for woodland community college? because people are usually only there for 2 years max, we have a short window to bond & build community with one another.


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An AZ lifestyle blogger who loves good food, good service, and good people.
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2 Responses to thursdays.

  1. w says:

    I will !!!

  2. w says:

    Pray for my project too.
    We are still workig on it.

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