call to prayer.

this past sunday&monday, we had the honor of hosting some national prayer leaders from around the country. they are visiting universities all up and down the coast of california to cast vision for prayer on campus & they’re calling it The Purple Pig tour.

a few weeks ago, a solomn assembly was held on the steps of the captial building in sacramento called The Call. It was 12 hours of praying and fasting that california&the rest of the nation would turn it’s heart towards God. my sisters and i attended and were heavily impacted.The leaders of this event have been praying for our nation for years.

[one quick story from that event- shortly after spending time praying for sex trafficing, we recieved an anncouncement that Craigslist had decided to shut down it’s “adult services” section so that it could no longer be used as one of the easiest ways to exploit those in sexual slavery.]

anyway- the leaders from that event came to UCDavis to pray&cast vision for 24/7 prayer on campus. they are calling it The Purple Pig tour after a book called The Purple Pig & Other Miracles.  I think this video does an excellent job of recapping the day. check it out here:

click the pic to check the vid.

[you can see me in the background a bit when will is sharing. :)]

reflecting on the event- all i can say is that Jesus is ripping my heart to shreads for college students. As they shared a statistic that only 4% of my generation follows Jesus- I just began to weep.

That is not ok. We can’t rest until we tell the 96%. It can happen.

Through prayer, fasting, and mission- it can happen. Thank you JESUS that you allow me to have a small part.


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