yesterday was my 5 year chialphaversary.

5 years since I attended my first chi alpha service.

5 years since i prayed  a simple prayer on palm walk

“God, please don’t let this be awkward….”

the 1st person I met was angela who has poured out

5 years of wisdom, patience, grace, and love on me.

that 1st night that i met carly- singing with her red, white, and blue backpack on.

5 years since our fusion group met in Hayden West & pulled pranks & spent all of our time together.

oh and learned how to have “real” conversations and not give sunday school answers.

shawn or candi could barely look at me and i would start crying.

they were asking me questions that id never been asked before & saw to my potential that i couldn’t see.

I guess in 5 years has not changed much in that regard.

It has been 5 years of healing, encouragement, correction, refinement, challenge, and love.

so overwhelmed, so thankful, and so blessed that His 5 year plan

has taken me on an adventure far greater than i ever could have ever planned for myself.

this is why

i hand out flyers & invite people to our events & stay up until all hours having taco fiestas.

because how could I not

give someone the opportunity to have

5 years, too.


About Katie Cannon

An AZ lifestyle blogger who loves good food, good service, and good people.
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2 Responses to chialphaversary.

  1. Andrea says:

    Ok, so I was not prepared to cry at 9:00 in the morning. I totally love this post. You are amazing and I am so blessed to know you! I didn’t know you for most of God’s 5-year plan over the last 5, but I am so so so excited to see how He moves through your next 5-year plan! Thanks for being real….:)

  2. w says:

    WOW!! That was some testimony.Thanks.

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