in short- lots has been going on! all in preparation for Chi Alpha’s busiest time of year! Fall is when we welcome literally thousands of freshmen to campus.

UC Davis calls this week “O”- week- short for orientation week. Freshmen move in- we throw parties! But really this begins way before a freshman steps foot on campus- at what we call “Pre-Fall retreat.” This is a time for student leaders to come back, see old friends, get focused, and pray for the people that God has for us on campus! This was September 3rd-5th- and it was a BLAST! We focused on the 3 p’s: Plan, Pray, Play (because you have to have fun!). It was held at an AMAZINGLY beautiful ranch. We ate great food, made 5 million posters, stuffed envelopes to send to every freshman on campus, learned how to lead small groups, and -most importantly- prayed for the campus.

Everyone was super nice & welcoming to me- which I really appreciated. I’m 100% the “new girl”- I’m the first out of state intern! It’s kind of great to get the perspective of a new person all over again- especially right before we’re about to meet so many new people! I was so impressed with the UC Davis staff and students- they really have a heart to see God move on the campus & they’re willing to work hard to  get there.

Here are some pictures:

Having fun! See the paper bags in the background? Everyone had one so we could leave eachother encouraging notes-awww!

This is Will- one of the campus pastors at Davis. He's holding a cake our host made for says "God is Alive at UC Davis!" AMEN 🙂

Working on some of the posters!

Everyone on campus is going to know what we're doing!

All the student leaders who came to plan, pray, and play!


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