why should you be in chi alpha?

a few weeks ago, students from ASU Chi Alpha were asked to share their “Top Reasons to be in Chi Alpha.” They were posted on facebook- but for all you non- facebookers out there, I thought I would post them here as well! It should give a nice snapshot of what REAL people think about what Chi Alpha REALLY is & does!

**note: i promise a real life update is coming soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Top Reasons to Be in Chi Alpha

  • You get to go repelling!!
  • Your calendar will never look empty again.
  • You find sisters and brothers who want to encourage, pray with you and WALK out the faith with you (whether that means literal prayer walks or spiritual walk in life).
  • You can satisfy your craving for nertz, ninja, and good coffee (thanks to KENT!)๏ปฟ
  • You grow more than you even knew you could.
  • You get to see other people grow with you.
  • You get to be a part of something bigger than yourself and you get to make Chi Alpha what you want.
  • You will laugh a ton if you let yourself go and make friends.
  • You get something real: real friends and Real good times!
  • You get pushed out of your box, which is crazy but fun, that box is Boring!
  • You get to make the craziest friends!
  • You have a place you can always go.
  • You get to be lead by someone and you get to lead.
  • If you stay long enough you will find your Identity.
  • Growing in community with other, like-minded, Jesus loving people
  • Learning to hike. Well, learning to hike in awesome places.
  • Learning that really, every word can be abbrev.’d
  • Getting to know the coolest people at ASU.
  • Being able to invade a friend’s house and chill out even if they’re not there.
  • Having an amazing group of friends to carry you and encourage you through hard times.
  • Car talks: Someone drives you to your car and you end up sharing your life story
  • Fusion groups: Studying the Bible, watching Scrubs, really talking about Jesus, climbing on roofs, pulling pranks, awesome friendships
  • Mission trips: You WILL fall in love with Africa and Europe. Seriously. (and Mexico…!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ )
  • Family: Not just the people you laugh with, but the people you cry with
  • Long-distance friendships: Near or far, you know there’s someone who misses you
  • Applebee’s: Soon you’ll start to think a party under 20 is small
  • Shrinking the campus: You forget that they’re 60,000 students, because you see your friends around every corner
  • Pop culture: Because there are so many different types of people, you’re bound to learn something new. Like who Perez Hilton is.
  • Homework parties: Sure you’ll finish your homework sometime around 4am, but not until after 5 QT runs and a showing of “Kittens! Inspired by Kittens!”
  • Worship: Learning how to worship. Coming to Wednesday gatherings with the knowledge that God’s going to be there too
  • You will laugh harder and more often
  • It’s the only club at ASU that sends 3 people to the hospital on one trip
  • You will never be alone…but no, really, NEVER ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • It’s the best and most real group of friends you’ll ever have
  • You’ll be challenged in the absolutely best ways
  • White V-necks
  • Car Talks
  • Acceptance
  • You’ll reach new places with God that you’ll never come back from
  • Lake Powell

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An AZ lifestyle blogger who loves good food, good service, and good people.
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