snap shots of my life.

Clockwise from left: Starting the reading for my internship, chalk art version of "Starry Night" in the back yard, Greek coffee & history lesson.

For the short time I’ve been here I keep feeling like I’m in “life rehab”- learning how to navigate the transition from college student to “real” adult. Obviously I knew everything in highschool so I didn’t listen when my mom tried to teach me  and I was too busy having fun to learn this kind of stuff in college :). (Sorry Mom! Sorry Shawn&Candi! ha)

I kind of feel like this is my 2nd freshman year. My freshman year at ASU pretty much all I did was try new things and cry a lot- all while having outrageous amounts of fun. I’m excited to have a fresh start in disciplining my life in order to be the best I can be for the campus. There are lots of details/emotions in this that are still being processed…

The nice thing about being in this weird transitional place is that I have lots of support. I get to live with the wise&awesome Lori. Lori does all sorts of things for West Coast Chi Alpha/regular Chi Alpha/a million other things & has been at this campus ministry game for a little while. As if she wasn’t great enough (which trust me- she is), she also comes with 2 bonuses:

1)Family that lives near by! It’s so nice to be around a family when you’re away from yours! Oh and it doesn’t hurt that her mom makes AWESOME Greek food&coffee or that her niece shares my love for Justin Beiber.

2) Her living room is a revolving door of awesome. She has cool& fun friends from all over the place that stop by bringing wisdom and coffee!

that’s all for now. i would love to hear from you too!



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2 Responses to snap shots of my life.

  1. Mom says:

    Oh Katie…you are so complex and always have been since the moment you took a breath…so proud of you then and of the woman you are becoming. I am hoping Lori can get you to clean your room since I obviously failed at that.

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