home, sweet, home.

After a million hour drive last Friday, I arrived in Woodland, CA- my new home for the next year. Shout out to my dad for driving the WHOLE WAY straight through!

I have figured out 3 things since I’ve been here:

1. I super miss Tempe & All that it entails……

(ie. ASU, QT, Sprinkles, the sunsets, friends, friends, friends, Rusty our mail man…the list could go on and on)

2. I think this is the best thing for me, even if it uncomfortable to change life long habits and to leave places you love. As usual, God knows what he’s doing.

3. I hope everyone who goes after pursuing their dreams receives as much encouragement as I have. It’s overwhelming to have so many people “for” you- supporters, XA staff, family have been so much a part of getting me to this point. I am so humbled and so thankful!

Here’s a snapshot of the neighborhood I live in- Isn’t it totally adorbz?

more info coming soon.




About Katie Cannon

An AZ lifestyle blogger who loves good food, good service, and good people.
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2 Responses to home, sweet, home.

  1. Kim Feith says:

    Enjoy your new adventures! You will find amazing friends and yummy places to eat, and it will all be new and exciting. Watch for cheap airfare on SW and come visit SoCal. You can stay with us for free, eat our food, and make CH home base for a fun weekend. Bring new friends or meet the AZ crowd half way. Did I mention I have an empty nest after NEXT WEEKEND?

    • ktcannon says:

      Hooray for 3 sundevils!!!! I can’t believe Megan is going to be in college- it must be so bitter sweet for you!

      And I am so going to keep my eye on those southwest specials- that would be so fun to come down and have a little break!

      Talk to you soon!!!

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