ASU Celebrity Spotlight.

Now- I wish I could bring ALL of you to campus to see what it’s really like. BUT I decided that I would try to bring a little bit of the campus to the blog with an interview with a  very influential student. Dominique Watkins and I met when we were RA’s on the same floor. Actually I knew all about him because he is/was totally ridiculous and had gone to high school with my roommate from my freshman year. …but that’s beside the point. We became unlikely friends through our Residential Life adventures and he agreed to do an interview for my blog!

He lives at Vista del Sol- a popular apartment complex that is practically on campus.  I call it “MTV Spring Break.” So with out further adieu….here is a snapshot of one part of the ASU community.

[NOTE: I asked Dom to be honest in the interview because I wanted you all to get an accurate picture. I edited out the bad words but some of the subjects are a little edgy. It should also be noted that the opinions expressed by Dom in the interview are exclusively his and do not reflect my beliefs or any of the other organizations mentioned on the blog :)]

Katie: Can you tell me a little bit about your self?

Dom: My name is Dominique Watkins. I’m a film and media major from California. I’ve been at ASU for…5 years? I wanna say. I’m interested in movie making.

K: You can be honest.

D: Ok well…my photography, art, like smoking weed, and that’s about it. I like to party too. I mean, I like to meet people so I’m a real big partier.

Our RA Staff 2008-2009!

K: Can you describe ASU students in 3 words?

D: Drunks, druggies, and [buttheads].

K: Tell me a little bit about where you live.

D: I live at Vista del Sol. It’s like…I mean it’s cool. I think they charge too much. It’s random as [heck] Oops sorry! Haha It’s really weird.

K: What’s the average day in the life of a Vista Resident?

D:Umm wake up, go to class, do some homework, go to the pool, go to the gym, and then party maybe. It depends.

K:What about on the weekends?

D:Wake up, drink, like go to the pool and drink, and then go out at night and drink some more.

Ice Cream Eating contest from when we lived in PV East!

K:What is the average Vista student looking to get out of their experience?

D:Basically like an education. But just to like meet people and to get laid and stuff.

K:What do you think the BEST part about living here is?

D:You get to meet a lot of people. And a lot of people smoke a lot.

K: What would you say the worst part about ASU is?

D:They charge too much [dang] money. I don’t know they just charge too much money and THEN they be trying to get me [messed] up because like I’m trying to go to school and get an education. I get good grades and [stuff] and they’re trying to ask me for $7,000. Like you’ll get your [dang] money. Let me finish my last year! But they be trippin’ so I’m about to chuck up my deuces.

K:Can you explain what that means?

D: I’m giving them the peace sign. You know you should make me a cake for doing this interview.

K: Oh definitely. What do you think the life goals of the average Vista resident are?

D:To get paid.

K: By….

Dom filming one of his many student films

D:I don’t know what ever they do. Going to work at like a store or a restaurant or selling drugs or whatever. Just getting money. Cause there are so many drug dealers in Vista. SO many.

K: And..would you say that there would be a lot of peer pressure to party here?

D: Oh obviously.

K: And would you say people that lived here would be more likely to party than if they lived somewhere else?

D:Oh yeah. Totally.

K:Would you ever say that partying ever got in the way of achieving your goals?

D:No not really, because it helped me meet more people.

K:How would you say that ASU students approach spirituality?

D:I have no idea because I don’t be all up in people’s business like that. I mean I really don’t know them that well.

Dom runs his own photography buisness.

K:I mean what do you think they would say about church or their system of beliefs?

D:Some of them would say “Yeah I’m a Christian but I really don’t go to church.”  Like that’s what I tell people- I’m more spiritual than religious.

K:I respect that.

D:Do you? Hahaha

K:Yes! Overall-what would you want people to know about ASU?

D:That you’ll meet a lot of random people here. But it’s like cool because you get to meet all these different kind of people who just like trip you out. It’s fun.



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2 Responses to ASU Celebrity Spotlight.

  1. dom says:

    i love it…………….tmz is going to love me !!!!!!!111

  2. ktcannon says:

    I mean…Nik Richie already does.

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