xa wedding!

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I totally forgot to post about Marilyn & Jason’s wedding! If someone who is/has been involved in XA gets married- it’s an instant reunion. Our class of friends was very close and it’s like no time passed when we get back together. Friends from all over the place- from the Dominican Republic to Seattle to Denver to Maryland came in to celebrate 2 awesome people!

Marilyn was the 2nd person I ever met from Chi Alpha. We were on the same South Africa trip one year, served together in leadership roles, and overall she was&is a great friend to me. Jason came into XA community a few years later and went to South Africa with me on a different trip. Both are passionate about education and it’s clear that they REALLY love each other and want to keep God at the center of their marriage.

Their wedding was beautiful! Shawn, one of my favorite campus pastors, preformed the ceremony. Rae, XA alum and fellow lover of the Duggars, made the beautiful cake! Kurtis, XA celeb/foursquare pioneer, doubled as the best man and emcee. I got to man the guestbook- this means I got to meet everyone who came & they came to me! SO FUN!

Here’s Andria snapping a photo of  Kurtis and Jason. They have been friends for 9 years! :

Also, it’s traditional at ASU XA weddings to gather on the dance floor and sing along as this song is played:


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