Why Chi Alpha? #2

My #2 reason for why I want to do XA is: My Parents!

Allow me to brag for a moment……

God knew I was going to do XA and that’s why he gave me the parents he did!

This is my mom:

Growing up, she threw us the most awesome birthday parties ever. I’m talking tons of games, cake, goodie bags- all to go along with a theme. A key part of all of our birthday parties would be the types of games we played- we always played games where everyone won. No one was ever left out. My sisters and I weren’t allowed to “call dibs” on the front seat of the car and we played together a lot. All that to say, my mom is passionate about inclusion.

Once a high school teacher, she now teaches 8th grade. I had a pretty rough time in junior high, and because of that my mom loves 8th graders every day. I don’t know of a harder job than loving angsty pre-teens.  She strives to create a community atmosphere in every class because she believes we learn so much better when we fee apart of things.  She takes lots of time to share her skills and resources with younger teachers. Because of my mom, community, creativity, and mentoring are part of my DNA. These are integral skills to being a campus missionary.

This is my dad.

I think he is one of the most intelligent and creative people I know.  While my mom is sort of practically creative, my dad is a fountain of creative ideas and he’s not afraid to try new things. He is passionate about education and making sure kids can read-Oh and he is HILARIOUS. Something that is really cool about my dad is that he is professional but still has fun.  He’s always reading up on new leadership styles or new developments in education. Injustice in schools bothers him- and he does a lot to help kids out in hard situations.  He has a strong character.

Thank you, Jesus for parents who have awesome skills but most of all parents who love me!


About Katie Cannon

An AZ lifestyle blogger who loves good food, good service, and good people.
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3 Responses to Why Chi Alpha? #2

  1. Jack Hammond says:

    Agreed Katie … Parents are huge in helping us follow our dreams. There is nothing like shooting for the stars, but always knowing you can rest at home. God Bless your parents!

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